What our clients have to say:

Our clients includes men and women suffering from hair loss as well as cancer patients who suffered from hair loss in the course of medical treatment. We strive to provide cancer support to patients in need of help to regain the confidence they have lost. 

​When I was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, and knew I would lose my hair due to treatments, I contacted Sam at The Hairshop. Sam and his team of experts make beautiful hair pieces ad wigs that are natural, just like your own hair; light and easy to maintain - absolutely totally fuss free!

The wigs arrive in long tresses and Sam would discuss the style preference with his clients before cutting them. Although my own hair has grown, I am still wearing the wig as it gives me the confidence and sometimes I don't remember that I have on! Friends and relatives often wonder if that was my own hair as no one could tell the difference, unlike the commercial wigs that are easily available. Sam is so experienced with hair that you can leave your doubts and worries in his good hands."

- Rita Chin (The Hairshop client) 

When all you seek in the times of uncertainty is familiarity.

I was diagnosed cancer last year and had hysterectomy. It was a stage 2 and my Oncologists recommended a 6 cycles of Chemo sessions, whereby hair falling and growing back seems like a natural process, I didn’t think much about it until I was in the end of my 1st cycle. My hair fell off in clamps and my body weakened by the chemo drugs. By the mid of the second cycle my hair was so thin and sparse that I decided to shave. I was so shocked to see myself, bald!

A friend recommended me to Sam from The Hair Shop for a 100% real hair wig. I felt comfortable from the very start at The Hair Shop,  I had my head measurement done in a private room within the shop. Sam was very patient to explain where is the source of the real human hair was from, the process to sterile and to arrange back every stand from root the ends, and how each wig is carefully weaved, just enough to give volume and yet thin and breathable for Singapore weather. Sam asked me to show him a few photo of me before chemo from my phone, he carefully examined the hair colours and asked if I would like to have the same colours.

After 6 weeks, the wig was ready. It was very natural just like my hair before, completed with a few strands of grey hair for authenticity. When I step into the street, no one was staring. I was that confident person again, period. I will not hesitate to recommend The Hair Shop to anyone who has a need for natural hair wig.
-L.F Siew (Hairshop client 2016)

​​​​The Hairshop cancer patients and hair loss. suffer from hair loss as a result of their sickness and the treatments that follow. At The Hairshop, we customised hairpieces for cancer patients to help them regain their confidence. 

The Hairshop natural looking hairpieces and hair wigs

The Hairshop Cancer Patients And Hair Loss Woes