Having dealt with huge volume of clients, having managed, cut and styled thousands of heads, hair loss can be a critical issue men and women face today.  Lifestyle, diet, genetic and hormones are some of the key reasons for the various hair concerns people have and we are dedicated in addressing these problems for our clients. 

“The condition of your hair and scalp is key to achieving the look you want, and projecting your own personal style and personality.”

​​Healthy hair can be achieved with the right diagnosis and hair and scalp treatment. Contact us for an appropriate hair treatment today. 

We also specialized in hair wigs and hairpieces for clients suffering from chronic hair loss. Many of our clients suffered from hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatments. All hair wigs are made of 100% real hair, and Sam carefully craft a hairpiece taking into consideration the shape of your head, your hair dentisy, the parting of your hair. All these factors are crucial in designing a natural looking hair piece. Today, Sam has helped many clients designed hair wigs and hairpieces that suits that perfectly, just like their own natural hair. 

Hair Loss and Hair Treatments

Suffering from hair loss, oily scalp, dandruff, thinning hair, sensitive scalps or greys?

Hair loss can be a temporary problem, and an issue that is "reversible". 

The Hairshop Paragon hair treatments have been designed with each clients hair needs in mind. Our services include hair treatments and hair wigs and hairpieces.